We fight to improve the health and resilience of Australia’s diverse ecosystems.

Our skill sets and services are highly diverse and work in synergy to support our areas of expertise: biodiversity and threatened species conservation, integrated pest management of agricultural invertebrates, and plant biosecurity risk and incursion management.

Research & applied science

Innovation and scientific rigour are core to our values. We have extensive research experience with a proven track record of discovery, scientific excellence and peer-reviewed publications.

Invertebrate pest management research

We undertake research that supports sustainable invertebrate pest management.

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Insecticide resistance monitoring and stewardship

We are at the forefront of insecticide resistance surveillance, testing and management.

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Evolutionary conservation

We have pioneered a new field called evolutionary conservation that better supports threatened and climate impacted native species.

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Fauna and flora field surveys

We undertake specialised fieldwork and surveillance to better understand species ecology and population dynamics.

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Data science and modelling

We use data-driven science and modelling to improve the prediction and management of complex ecological systems.

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Bioassays and microcosm trials

We undertake independent, needs-specific invertebrate bioassays and field simulated microcosm trials for plant protection clients.

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Assessment of urban greening actions

We plan and deliver quantitative assessments of the ecological benefits of urban greening actions to provide evidence of change and inform management.

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Invertebrate identification and taxonomy

We provide invertebrate identification and diagnostics through morphological and molecular methods.

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Citizen science program evaluation

We perform quantitative analysis of large datasets derived from urban bioblitz and other related citizen science projects to demonstrate their practice and research value.

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Biosecurity preparedness, diagnostics and incursion support

We conduct research to support pre-border, border and post-border biosecurity efforts.

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Genetic services

We have a comprehensive genetic ‘toolkit’ and offer a range of cutting-edge molecular techniques to support conservation, pest management and biosecurity efforts.

Genetic marker analysis

Our staff are experts in genetic marker development and analysis for animal and plant populations.

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Chytrid testing

We offer a competitively priced and fast Chytridiomycosis (chytrid) detection service.

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Scat analysis

We can undertake scat genotyping to identify species, individuals and sex.

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Environmental DNA (eDNA)

EnviroDNA was born out of Cesar Australia and is at the forefront of using environmental DNA (eDNA) for species detection.

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Science education and extension

We are passionate about explaining our research and current knowledge so as to educate and empower our audiences and ensure that valuable scientific studies and insights don’t just sit on the shelf.

Social research

Our experience in social research design and execution is complementary to the extension work we undertake.

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Educational resources

Clear and informative technical resources are key to improving the confidence of research end-users.

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Industry training

We design and run engaging training workshops on insect identification, management and plant biosecurity.

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Citizen science programs

We encourage wonder, curiosity and action across conservation, agriculture, and biosecurity.

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Seasonal pest updates

We provide advice on key pests and beneficials to look out for during the growing season.

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Extension planning

Improved research and development (R&D) adoption starts with a well laid plan.

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An important part of performing excellent research is access to state of the art equipment and facilities.

Pesticide and entomology laboratories

Our pesticide and entomology laboratories are fully equipped to study invertebrates and to test pesticides on different species. The laboratories contain a Potter Spray Tower, which is internationally recognised as the standard equipment of reference for chemical spraying techniques in the laboratory, Leica stereomicroscopes, controlled environment rooms and invertebrate rearing facilities. 

Molecular testing

Our molecular genetics laboratory is structured to maintain sample integrity and eliminate contaminate risk throughout the diagnostics process. We can even take our genetic testing out of the lab and into the field, courtesy of cutting edge technologies, such as Biomeme.


Our shadehouse allows us to conduct invertebrate microcosm trials and enables us to replicate semi field conditions, something we cannot achieve in the laboratory. This strengthens the quality and the rigour of the research we conduct.