EnviroDNA spins out of cesar

cesar is proud to announce the establishment of new sister company, EnviroDNA. The company provides Australia’s first dedicated environmental DNA (eDNA) service to clients.

The incredible science of eDNA (identifying animal or plant DNA left in the surrounding environment) truly is an opportunity for innovation. No longer do we need to catch, see or hear something – a drop of water or speck of dust is all that is needed to trace native wildlife, pests, and introduced species. 

The EnviroDNA team assists waterway and environmental managers in detecting what is and isn’t in the environment better than has previously been possible. The team provides critical species identification and monitoring data quickly, easily and cost effectively. This enables timely and scientifically rigorous decision-making regarding conservation or sustainable use of the environment. 

Clients such as Deakin University, Wimmera CMA and Victoria’s State Government have already benefited from the rapid detection of species using eDNA.

Examples of EnviroDNA’s work

Monitoring of invasive species

We worked with the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority to identify areas of high carp abundance and environmental cues that triggered carp movements. This information was used to direct control efforts at the most effective times and areas – read more here.

Native species detection

The secretive Baw Baw frog generally lives and feeds underground, which poses a significant problem for conservationists – how do you identify threats and monitor a frog that’s so difficult to find? eDNA made this possible – read more here.

Assessment and management of potential biosecurity threats

Exotic mosquitoes enter Australia via major airports posing a major state and federal health risk. The team at EnviroDNA has used eDNA to investigate the development of local mosquito breeding, helping to inform ongoing monitoring – read more here.

If you would like to learn more about EnviroDNA and its history with cesar visit

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