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cesar is a reputable provider of education and training in agricultural entomology.

We develop and deliver customised industry presentations, training workshops, and educational resources, focusing on up-skilling people working in agriculture.

Our goal is to share our knowledge and scientific expertise to encourage wider adoption of more sustainable and effective approaches to crop and pest management.

 industry presentations

cesar's team of entomologists regularly deliver insightful presentations on our latest research, and current pest issues and trends.

We've presented widely at international and national conferences, expos, grower group forums, research updates, IPM forums as well as to small groups of farmers and advisers.

Some of our past presentations include:

Beet Western Yellows Virus: a panel session - GRDC Research Update, Adelaide 2015

Green peach aphid resistance webinar - Integrated Crop Protection, 2017

Russian Wheat Aphid: 'War Room' Briefing - Grains Research Update, Bendigo 2017.

 training workshops

cesar delivers interactive insect identification training and integrated pest management (IPM) workshops.

They are delivered by people with an expertise in entomology, agriculture, insect genetics, and a passion for sustainable pest management.

The workshops can be adapted according to crop type and region, and are tailored to suit the needs of the audience.

Available workshop modules include:

- Beetle identification

- Caterpillar identification

- Aphid identification

- Mite identification

- Identification and understanding of beneficial insects

- How to monitor crops effectively

- IPM goals, practices and where to start

- Biosecurity threats

 educational resources and publications

cesar contributes extensively to a range of industry educational resources, journals, articles, technical publications, and video productions.

Some recent publications include:

Dairy Australia fact sheets: African black beetle, Armyworm in grass pastures

GRDC GroundCover TV: redlegged earth mite

GRDC GrowNotes Tips & Tactics: Russian wheat aphid, Reducing aphid and virus risk

GRDC The Back Pocket Guides: Crop Aphids, Crop Mites, Crop Weevils, Beneficial Insects

GRDC Resistant Management Strategies: green peach aphid, redlegged earth mite, diamondback moth

I SPY: Insects of Southern Australian broadacre farming systems, identification manual and training resource

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