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cesar offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective product development and testing services for plant protection industries.

Our team of independent entomologists follow a strict set of scientific standards for research design and analysis, using IRAC Approved Test Methods where available.

We are highly skilled in performing laboratory bioassays and field simulated microcosm trials, working with our clients in the early stages of R&D to devise needs-specific research trials.

Our product development and testing services include, but are not limited to:


Testing the impact of pesticides on beneficial insects

As specialists in integrated pest management (IPM) research, we understand the importance of knowing the compatibility of new and existing chemistries with IPM. We can generate pesticide sensitivity data for various beneficial insects, including species of lacewing, parasitoids, ladybird beetles, and predatory mites.

Testing pest tolerance and resistance to insecticides

With our unparalleled understanding of insecticide resistance and pest trends, we are experts in undertaking dose response and baseline tolerance trials for new and existing products.

Testing the efficacy of insecticides

We are highly experienced in testing the efficacy of selective and biological products alongside broad-spectrum and conventional insecticides. These include bare-earth, foliar, and seed dressings products. Our team has access to a range of broadacre, horticulture and pasture pests including aphids, beetles, caterpillars, earwigs, millipedes, mites, slaters and weevils.


Testing the performance of insect resistance traits in plants

We can assess the performance of plant varieties with naturally occurring or commercially bred insect resistance traits.

Our clients

Our clients include major agrichemical and seed companies. We make it our business to understand the long-term goals of our clients and how potential products may fit within the market place. We understand the sensitive nature of commercial product development. Accordingly, all work we undertake for our clients is strictly confidential.

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