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We need your reports!

Our service to you with current invertebrate information depends on strong field intelligence.


As entomologists, invertebrate critters are on our mind every single day.

For some pests and beneficials, we have a pretty good idea about which will pop up when and where, and we use this information to provide growers and advisers with the best available pre-emptive management advice.

But there are many pests that are enignmatic, and whose distribution and behaviour remains a mystery. Even the ‘usual suspects’ can behave atypically - whether it’s the evolution of insecticide resistance, a spread in known distrubution, or unseasonal occurrence - common and uncommon pests alike need to have a close eye on them.

So, we need the help of growers and advisers across Victoria and southern NSW to report observations when out and about in the field.

What can we offer in return?

We thrive on helping growers and advisers solve an identification mystery. Not all invertebrates can be easily identified in-field and we can assist you with this.

We are also in the know when it comes to the best available management advice including biological, cultural and chemical controls.

Samples for identification may be sent virtually, or in the mail. See our website for sample packaging instructions.

There are many ways to reach out to us, including phone (+61 3 93494723), email (, and twitter (@cesaraustralia). Please note that on twitter, we were formerly @PestFactscesar but now have a new handle under our parent company cesar @cesaraustralia.

For those who simply wish to report an observation you may submit a report on our website or via the PestFacts Reporter app (available on android and apple devices).

Many thanks to those who have been in touch so far this season – keep the reports coming!

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