PestFacts south-eastern helps to inform growers and advisers about pest and beneficial invertebrates in broadacre crops throughout the winter-cropping season in Victoria and southern NSW. This initiative is a GRDC investment.

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PestFacts relies upon pest observations and field reports from our subscribers.

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Agricultural invertebrate identification

If you are a grower or agronomist in Victoria or NSW working with broadacre crops or pastures, we can assist you with identifying invertebrates found on farms at no cost. We accept both images and samples.

Instructions for sending in invertebrate samples

PestFacts south-eastern is currently supported by the GRDC investment ‘Seasonal status of pests delivered to growers’.

The online PestFacts south-eastern collection also includes a selection of articles published prior to April 2024 when the service was supported by previous GRDC investments, including The National Pest Information Service and IPMforGrains.