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I SPY with my little eye…an updated invertebrate ID manual!

The 2nd edition of I SPY - a comprehensive identification manual on invertebrates - is now available for download.


Moth or fly larvae? Aphid or springtail? Friend or foe?

The first step towards the correct identification of pests and beneficials in crops, is with basic knowledge of key invertebrate groups.

Grain growers and advisors can access taxonomy and identification assistance in an updated version of I SPY, a comprehensive identification manual on invertebrates.

The manual covers basic taxonomy, important invertebrate groups and identification keys, and descriptions of common species, as well as information on monitoring, integrated pest management (IPM) principles and biosecurity.

The latest edition includes the addition of the African black beetle, as well as the Russian wheat aphid, which has recently become established in Australia. It also covers emerging insecticide resistance issues, and links to new resources regarding resistance management, IPM strategies, and economic thresholds.

The manual was developed through the National Invertebrate Pest Initiative (a GRDC-funded project), with input from numerous state agricultural departments, cesar and The University of Melbourne.

The manual is freely available for download through the GRDC website:

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