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Free resistance testing service for redlegged earth mites

Take advantage of a free testing service to screen for resistance in mites, available to all growers and advisors thanks to GRDC…


Redlegged earth mites (Source: cesar).


cesar is again testing redlegged earth mites (RLEM, Halotydeus destructor) for insecticide resistance across southern Australia. Throughout 2016, this service will be free for Australian grain growers, thanks to funding from GRDC.

Resistance to synthetic pyrethroids (SPs) is already confirmed in a large number of populations of RLEM across the WA grainbelt, while some populations in WA also have resistance to organophosphates (OPs). As yet there are no confirmed cases of resistance in south-eastern Australia. However, growers must be vigilant because genetic studies demonstrate a genetic flow between the east and west regions of Australia. Recent research at The University of Melbourne has revealed resistance to SPs has evolved on more than one occasion in WA, demonstrating the potential for resistance in other States.

One of the major challenges the Australian grains industry is facing is the reliance on only three registered chemical groups to control RLEM – neonicotinoids as a seed dressing, and SPs and OPs as foliar insecticides. Hence, growers are limited in their options to rotate different chemical classes, though it is imperative that they do so.

The testing service is available across SA, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Any grower or advisor experiencing a chemical control failure involving RLEM, or suspecting issues with insecticide resistance, are encouraged to contact us to access this free service.


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