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Reporting just got easier; new PestFacts Reporter app

The new PestFacts Reporter app can be used to report or identify any broadacre crop pest, unknown invertebrate or beneficial to your cesar team members, who are here to support you

During the PestFacts south-eastern survey late in 2015, many users suggested that a dedicated app would assist pest reporting. We are now really pleased to announce that a new PestFacts Reporter app is available to download. Crop invertebrates (pest or beneficials) or damage can now be reported directly from the paddock on your smart phone or tablet.  The app, customised for reporting pests in Victoria and NSW, has been developed in a collaborative GRDC funded project, involving the Department of Agriculture and Food in Western Australia (lead), cesar and SARDI.

Using the app

The PestFacts Reporter app has been designed so you can quickly and easily report any pests or unknown invertebrate with just a few clicks.

The first time that you open the app, you will need to enter your contact details. PestFacts Reporter will remember this information so cesar always knows who you are and can get back to you if needed.

Pestfacts Reporter app ‘send a report’ function


To make a report simply choose the host plant and the pest, unidentified invertebrate or beneficial that you are reporting. You can also add the variety of the host plant, and the severity level of the problem that you are reporting from the selection lists provided. This can be helpful in honing our advice.  The app enables you to include a photograph and provide additional information.

If you do not know the identity of the pest or if you want to discuss the issue further, you can request an email or telephone call from one of us on the PestFacts team.

PestFacts Reporter automatically knows your GPS location and the current date, but you can change these manually if you wish.

When you have entered the host and problem details, just hit Send and your report will be submitted. This will happen immediately if you have mobile coverage, or it will submit as soon as you are in range.

We urge growers and consultants to use the app to help build a comprehensive picture of cropping pests during the season. In turn this allows us to react quickly and with appropriate information to manage crop pests.

Where to download the app

The PestFacts Reporter app is now available on iTunes (apple) and Google Play (android).

For more information contact Julia Severi on 9349 4723 or email


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