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Early signs of slugs and other establishment pests

The first signs of slugs, false wireworms and millipedes have appeared in areas receiving mid-April rains

Slugs are now active and their pressure is expected to rise. According to SARDI research entomologist, Dr Michael Nash, grey field slugs (Deroceras reticulatum) have been active in high problem areas and were caught on film in southwest Victoria. Black keeled slugs (Milax gagates) have not yet been active in western Victoria, however, the recent rainfall may lead to greater pressure, especially in NSW.

Canola seedlings are vulnerable in high-risk areas and should be baited. Monitor activity with baiting stations in medium-risk areas. For more details on management strategies, go black-keeled slug or grey field slug within the PestNote series.   

Grey field slug in a paddock containing bean stubble and recently sown to canola in southwest Victoria (Source: C Shady)


Further pest observations from southwest Victoria include eastern false wireworm (Pterohelaeus spp.) in canola crops (2 leaf) south of Streatham, and black Portuguese millipede (Ommatoiulus moreletii) activity in Mininera and Streatham.


Sources of field reports of slugs, false wireworms and millipedes

Dr Michael Nash – Researcher, SARDI (Adelaide)

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