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Insecticide resistance

Insecticide resistance is an increasing issue for the grains sector and entomologists suspect that the problem is more extensive than has been scientifically confirmed. Early detection of insecticide resistance in the field will allow management strategies to be implemented by growers. This will not only reduce pest damage but also minimise the risk of further spread.

Researcher, Aston Arthur (University of Melbourne), is seeking assistance from growers and agronomists in Victoria, South Australia and southern New South Wales. Help is being sought from anyone who has experienced problems with insect pests, particularly mites and aphids, which appear to have developed some resistance to insecticide. Aston is also keen to hear from growers or advisers who know of a paddock that has experienced control failures in the past.

Any information obtained will be kept confidential, and assistance can be provided with recommendations for control if resistance is detected in any pest populations tested. Aston can be contacted by phone on 0427 875 040 or via email at

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