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Green snail

Following the discovery of green snails (Cantareus apertus) on a property near Cobram (reported in PestFacts Issue No. 9), quarantine restrictions have been imposed on the movement of host materials sourced from within 25 km of this initial detection. Green snail host material includes: cut flowers, leafy vegetables, cuttings, nursery stock, and pasture grasses and fodder (including hay, straw, silage and chaff).

Intrastate quarantine restrictions have been developed for two separate areas. Interstate quarantine restrictions are also in place, although the detection of the green snail is currently confined to Victoria, with no evidence of spread across the Murray river into New South Wales. A permit is required from the Victorian DPI prior to consigning host material (including machinery) out of the 25 km restricted area. Further information about these restrictions can be found on the Victorian DPI website. Click here for information on the green snail.

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