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Dimethoate use

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Association (APVMA) have recently made significant changes to regulations around the use of dimethoate-based products. Dimethoate has been suspended from use on a number of food crops due to potential dietary risks. This announcement follows the release in August of the 2011 Dimethoate Residues and Dietary Risk Assessment Report, which found that its use on many crops could exceed the recommended public health standard (the Acute Reference Dose).

The suspension is in force for 12 months, from the 6th October 2011 until the 5th October 2012, and prohibits: (1) the use of dimethoate on certain horticultural crops; (2) the use of dimethoate on all food producing plants in the home garden; and (3) the supply and possession of dimethoate products unless they carry the new instructions for use.

Although dimethoate can still be used on pastures, and in canola, cereal and pulse crops, it must now be used under the directions of APVMA Permit PER13155. Importantly, this permit includes amendments to the grazing withholding periods when using dimethoate on some of these crops. There may be additional changes implemented by APVMA in the future. For further information on the changed regulations, refer to the APVMA website.

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