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More on Etiella

Agronomist, Matthew Burkitt (Central West Agricentre), has reported Etiella (Etiella behrii) caterpillars in narrow leaf lupins, 30km east of Parkes, in the Central West Slopes and Plains district of New South Wales. Between 1-2 caterpillars were found in pods that were inspected. Matthew says Etiella are typically found in low numbers and only a minor pest in the district. Etiella moths were also seen in many lentil crops in early spring, with some reports suggesting Etiella have been more prevalent this season than in previous years.  

Etiella (also known as the ‘lucerne seed web moth’) is a sporadic pest of lentils, lucerne, field peas and pasture legume crops. Successful control relies on thorough crop monitoring, with management mostly based on timing insecticide sprays to target adult moths within the crop before egg lay commences. Sprays applied to control native budworm early in the podding period may have provided some level of control for Etiella if present.

Typically only the first generation of Etiella are a concern for growers. However, in seasons that finish late, the second generation may also cause significant seed damage.

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