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Mite research

Aston Arthur from the University of Melbourne is conducting a research project to determine the biology, distribution, pesticide susceptibility and pest status of several mite pests in Southern Australia. These include the clover (bryobia) mite, balaustium mites, the wheat curl mite, blue oat mites and the redlegged earth mite. As part of this project Aston is conducting surveys throughout all cropping and pastoral regions in WA, SA, Victoria and NSW to monitor mite pest outbreaks and chemical control failures.

From this information Aston is hoping to obtain an accurate picture of the status of all pest mite species within Australia and determine what species are responsible for control failures. This work will hopefully lead to more effective control strategies against these pest mites. The survey involves collecting mites from paddocks (pasture or crops) where there are mite pest outbreaks or control failures and filling out a simple questionnaire.

Due to the vast area being covered Aston is seeking assistance from interested agronomists and farmers to help with the collection of mites. She has designed a package which includes a simple survey/questionnaire, a small container to put mites in, and an express stamp self- addressed envelope for the mites and survey to be sent back. Once these samples have been received, she will identify the mites and feed back the information about these pests to you within a few days, at no charge.

If you are interested in supporting and participating in this survey, please contact Aston to obtain your collection package -

Aston Arthur
Centre for Environmental Stress and Adaptation Research & Department of Genetics
The University of Melbourne,  Parkville, Victoria, 3010.
Phone: (03) 8344 0018,  Mobile: 0427 875 040, 

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