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insect identification service

cesar's Insect Identification Service is a fast and reliable way of positively identifying beneficial and pest insects. We will identify insects (and other invertebrates) anytime of the year, in any broad-acre crop. All you need to do is follow our guidelines for posting your insect sample or email a photo directly to us.

Adequate collection of data is essential to aid in successful identification and also for the specimen should it remain in an Insect Collection for future reference. To assist us, please fill out an Insect report form and include this with your samples.

Complete our Insect report form (PDF)

Guidelines for Collecting & sending insects


Identification via photographic images

If you are emailing/tweeting us images of a pest for identification, the images need to be high quality. Where possible, provide a photo of both the insect and any accompanying plant feeding damage.

If you are using a smartphone/pad there are many apps designed specifically for macrophotography. If you are using a camera, choose one with high megapixels and a fast shutter speed. Move close to the insect rather than using the zoom function.

As with sending in a sample, images should be accompanied by adequate information, including:

- Contact details of the sender (name, phone number, organisation)

- Location/GPS coordinates

- Crop type and growth stage

- Level of infestation/damage.