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For cesar's team of highly experienced scientists and consultants, no research challenge is too big or too small. We work with clients in government and the private sector to develop sustainable pest control strategies, technologies and products.

Our team of experts

cesar’s Sustainable Agriculture team is led by Dr Paul Umina, Dr Olivia Reynolds, and Dr Jessica Lye, and comprises PhD qualified experts in entomology, genetics and ecology. Our team includes several expert advisers to national organisations such as GRDC, HIA, the National Insecticide Resistance Management (NIRM) working group and state agricultural departments, as well as specialists in molecular diagnostics, statistical modelling and taxonomy.

Collectively our team has over 60 years experience conducting research to the highest scientific standards available, specialising in:

  • IPM research and advice
  • resistance monitoring, testing services and management strategies
  • data synthesis and meta-analysis
  • pest reporting, forecasting and modelling
  • taxonomy and insect identification
  • molecular diagnostics, population biology and ecology
  • organisation and facilitation of expert workshops

State-of-the-art technology and facilities

Our extensive facilities include state-of-the art laboratories, insect rearing rooms, glasshouse and shade-house facilities, and access to numerous field research stations. We have access to the latest research technology, and the capacity to develop and deliver innovative tools for our clients.

Outstanding research outcomes and discoveries

Our team has contributed significantly to research in crop pest management, with a strong focus on resistance. This includes:

  • unique discoveries of new pest species
  • uncovering the lifecycles and reproductive modes of numerous pests
  • detection of insecticide tolerance and resistance in several pests
  • predicting the evolution and spread of insecticide resistance
  • development of landscape level approaches for sustainable pest control
  • identification of natural enemies of multiple pests

We believe it is important for publicly funded research and new discoveries to be shared with the agricultural community. We actively publish and present our work at conferences, industry expos, research updates and through other communication channels.

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