sustainability through science & innovation

in the wild

cesar provides practical scientific expertise to support conservation of native species in the wild.

We can help implement science based management strategies for threatened or commercial species or provide diagnostic services for species identification.

Our genetic services cover:

Threatened species

cesar uses genetic science to help our clients conserve Australia’s threatened species. We work with flora and fauna across terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Non-threatened and keystone species

cesar employs the same science for non-threatened (including keystone) species. These species may be playing an important ecological role; they may be regarded as valuable or significant or be at risk from development.

Commercial species

cesar can advise on management strategies to enhance the viability of local resources. cesar utilises world-leading genetic science to help our clients gain a deeper understanding of stock status.

For further enquires, please contact cesar on +61 3 93494723 or via email