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genetic services

Establishing a new breeding program? cesar provide genetic services and advice as the foundation for a world class captive breeding program.

  • Founder size and selection: we assist you in the selection of founders, to ensure optimal genetic variation that reflects wild populations, and that the founder population size is large enough for a sustainable breeding program
  • DNA markers for assessing genetic diversity: we develop DNA markers to assess the genetic diversity of founder stock and future generations of offspring, helping to minimise the loss of genetic diversity
  • Analysis of relatedness: we can assess how closely related potential founders are and minimise inbreeding through selection of unrelated individuals
  • Structured breeding plan: we can design a structured genetic management and breeding plan with family pools and differing lineages mapped out years in advance

Talk to us before establishing your breeding program. We can deliver far superior results compared to captive breeding which relies solely on traditional ecological and biological approaches. Please contact cesar on +61 3 93494723 or via email