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conservation parks

cesar can develop genetic management plans for threatened and keystone species in conservation parks. We will help maximise the resilience of wildlife and ensure they prosper long term.

cesar understands the plight of vulnerable and threatened animals. We have worked with a diverse range of species including eastern barred bandicoots, eastern quolls, brush-tailed rock-wallabies, bridled nailtail wallabies and tiger quolls.

Genetic management plans, the future of wildlife conservation

cesar incorporates genetics in conservation management.

Developing a management plan:

cesar will analyse the history of focal wildlife within your park, using the latest molecular techniques to determine their genetic quality, relatedness and uniqueness

The benefits:

  • Maximised genetic diversity and minimised inbreeding
  • Strategic breeding and translocations to increase the adaptive potential of wildlife based on our genetic database of animals.
  • Ongoing genetic monitoring to ensure optimal breeding strategies

cesar has an extensive network of clients and contacts. We also have a large and unique genetic database for many Australian threatened species.

Our clients have a significant advantage in the management of conservation parks and Australian native species through cesar’s world-leading genetic tools and science.

For more information download our PDF guide to genetic management in conservation parks. 

Any enquires, please contact cesar on +61 3 93494723 or via email