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platypus ecology

The platypus is one of the most unusual and recognisable animals in the world. Platypuses are found in freshwater systems throughout eastern Australia. They are widely distributed but there is little information on their population trends or status. Platypuses are vulnerable to both natural and human-induced threats. Climate change, drought, floods, altered flow, clearing vegetation, dams and weirs, poor fishing practises, litter, and predation can all threaten their existence. The cesar ecology team works to understand and help mitigate these threats to ensure their survival.

Josh Griffiths (Senior Ecologist) holding platypus (left) and a newly released platypus (right)

The cesar ecology team are leaders in platypus research and conservation.  We combine field knowledge and genetic science to improve our knowledge of platypus distribution and behaviour. cesar (with our research partners – University of Melbourne and Melbourne Water) have optimised environmental DNA (eDNA) and acoustic telemetry to improve our knowledge.

Our expert platypus team can provide the following services:

  • Population monitoring programs
  •  Identifying conservation threats
  • Understanding response to environmental change or human disturbances
  • Habitat assessments
  • Assessing impacts of capital works or developments along waterways
  • Developing management strategies
  • Community engagement 

Community engagement 

The platypus is an ideal flagship species to engage and educate the broader community about waterway environmental issues. We have worked with clients to develop effective community engagement strategies that may include:

  • Community talks
  • Participation in surveys
  • School education programs
  • Citizen science programs (e.g. platypusSPOT, community monitoring groups)
  • Social media (platypusSPOT network)
  • Media engagement
  • Information material (i.e. brochures, newsletters, posters, signage)
Josh (left) chatting to a family about the platypus

For further enquires, please contact cesar on +61 3 93494723 or via email