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environmental DNA (eDNA)

EnviroDNA is at the forefront of research and application of environmental DNA (eDNA) – the exciting and innovative science capable of detecting a species from a single drop of water or speck of dust.

EnviroDNA is the first company in Australia offering a dedicated eDNA service to clients. The company was born out of cesar, which for the last 10 years, has combined a passion for sustainability with cutting edge science and technology in wildlife conservation and Australia’s agricultural sector.

eDNA enables the detection of species from environmental samples through analysis of the DNA released by organisms into their environment. eDNA offers an unprecedented approach in monitoring endangered and invasive species, as well as for biodiversity assessments. The benefits of using this technology over traditional monitoring include:

  • Greater sensitivity, and therefore higher chance of detecting a species 
  • More cost efficient than traditional techniques
  • Higher accuracy, and therefore fewer false negatives 
  • Minimal environmental disturbance 
  • Low risk of introducing alien species and spreading disease 

Species detection with eDNA is at the heart of EnviroDNA, and it can be applied to the following areas:

  • Native/threatened species and conservation 
  • Biodiversity monitoring 
  • Invasive species and incursions 
  • Biosecurity