environmental DNA (eDNA)

environmental DNA (eDNA) is an exciting new technology which enables the detection of aquatic and semi-aquatic species from a small water sample by analysing the DNA released by organisms into the environment

Josh Griffiths (Senior Wildlife Ecologist) taking a water sample for eDNA analysis. This will ultimately help enhance the life of creatures like the freshwater crayfish.

cesar are leaders in eDNA. We have extensive experience in the application of genetic science and research in biodiversity conservation and wildlife management. We have taken the technology out of the lab and have applied it to improving  biodiversity conservation.

eDNA offers an edge in monitoring endangered and invasive species– the benefits over traditional monitoring include:

  • Higher chance of detecting a species
  • Cost efficient
  • Accurate
  • Low environmental disturbance
  • Low risk of introducing alien species and spreading disease
  • A powerful tool in combination with traditional methods

eDNA applications:

  • Invasive species and incursions
  • Endangered species and conservation
  • Biodiversity monitoring

Considering aquatic assessments? Get more power and greater sensitivity with eDNA

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