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ABC's Catalyst investigates the mountain pygmy possum

23 Apr 2012

Last week the humble little Australian mountain pygmy-possum was taken from the boulder fields of Victoria’s alpine region and into the lounge rooms of ABC’s Catalyst audiences. If you missed the show, you can still view the 6 minute story via Catalyst's website. Find out about this endangered species and the efforts underway to genetically rescue the highly unique population at Mt Buller.

ABC Catalyst: Watch Footage

The show was aired 18th and 19th April 2012

ABC Catalyst - blog post:

Catalyst’s Dr Graham Phillips has blogged about his experience in getting up close with the mountain pygmy possum during the filming of this episode “…there's something intangibly wonderful about an encounter with an animal in the wild”.  To read more see Catalyst’s Production Blog.


More info:

cesar undertake new wild translocation of the endangered mountain pygmy possum

A genetic rescue of the critically endangered mountain pygmy-possum at Mt Buller