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Revised resistance management strategy - Green Peach Aphid in Australian grains

05 Aug 2015

A revised resistance management strategy for the green peach aphid (GPA) has been released by the grains National Insecticide Resistance Management (NIRM) working group, which is chaired by cesar’s director, Dr Paul Umina. This document has been endorsed by Crop Life Australia and is downloadable at:

Five chemical subgroups are registered to control GPA in grain crops in Australia: carbamates (Group 1A); synthetic pyrethroids (Group 3A), organophosphates (Group 1B); neonicotinoids (Group 4A); and sulfoxaflor (Group 4C). High levels of resistance to carbamates and pyrethroids are now widespread across Australia. Moderate levels of resistance to organophosphates have been observed in many populations, and there is evidence that resistance to neonicotinoids is evolving.

Since the first resistance management strategy for GPA was released in August 2014, research by cesar and the CSIRO has shown insecticide resistance is more widespread than previously thought. As a result, recommended management strategies now apply equally to all Australian states.


For further information about aphids and insecticide resistance research contact:

Dr Siobhan de Little or Dr Paul Umina


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