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06 Mar 2014

Sustainable management strategies targeting grain based pests aim to reduce risks of crop loss from pests while also reducing our reliance on insecticides. cesar is teaming up with interstate entomologists and ICAN to provide three workshops on sustainable pest management. Workshops are targeted at advisers and leading growers who seek an improved understanding of insects and wish to implement more sustainable pest management practices.

Currently, insect management in grain crops relies heavily on insecticides. The success of insecticide use is challenged with the development of resistance as well as the threat of regulatory withdrawal of a number of older insecticides. cesar works to educate and support Australian farmers and advisers in incorporating and transitioning to practices aimed at sustainable or integrated pest management.

Grain advisers and growers are invited to participate in a GRDC-supported training workshop on insect management in grain crops.

Topics include:

  • Implementing an integrated approach to insect management and associated decision making process
  • Monitoring, record keeping and economic thresholds
  • Integrated pest management tools including cultural control, conserving beneficial insects and ‘softer’ or more ‘selective’ insecticide options
  • Key pest ecology and management strategies for regionally important crops

The Workshops will focus on pests of local significance. Participants receive access to a first class resource kit including Fact Sheets, Ute Guides, course notes and presentations. Technical input for workshops comes from cesar, Qld DAFF, SARDI, NSWDPI and ICAN.

Workshops presenters are: Garry McDonald & Paul Umina (cesar), Melina Miles (Qld DAFF) and the facilitator is John Cameron (ICAN).

Workshop dates:

Albury      - 8th April 2014        

Bendigo   - 9th April 2014                

Horsham - 10th April 2014


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