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Improving insect pest management - workshops for Australian farmers and advisors

30 Sep 2013

Insecticide use is not just an environmental issue it is now becoming a financial issue. Insect management in grain crops currently relies heavily on insecticides. The success of insecticide use is becoming increasingly challenged with the development of resistance in insects as well as the regulatory withdrawal of a number of older insecticides. There is a strong need to develop sustainable strategies for managing insect pests to ensure financial viability not to mention improved environmental impacts. cesar works to educate and support Australian farmers and advisers in incorporating and transitioning to such strategies.

In conjunction with ICAN and interstate entomologists, we have recently deliver workshops on Integrated Pest Management in Grains Crops. These 1-day workshops were held in Horsham (Victoria) on July 23rd and Adelaide (South Australia) on July 25th. They specifically targeted grains advisers looking to improve their understanding of insect management with the view to implementing effective and sustainable insect management practices with their clients.

More recently, cesar delivered workshops for advisers and grain growers on Insect Identification and Grain Storage. These workshops involved experts from PIRSA and PCB Consulting, and built upon training activities that have been developed over a number of years by Australia’s leading entomologists and grain storage experts. The workshops were held in Skipton (Victoria) on September 4th & 5th, and covered several important insect groups, including aphids, mites, beetles, caterpillars and beneficial insects. Participants also explored typical on farm grain storage systems and discussed the implications for insect control and grain quality management.

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