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cesar works with North Central News to broadcast the latest pest news

18 Aug 2011

Dr Paul Umina, director of cesar, has been enlisted by the North Central Newspaper to keep local growers informed of insect pest issues and solutions as they emerge in the Wimmera region of Victoria.

“Identifying pest issues in a timely manner is important for effective pest management. We hope that cesar’s contribution to the North Central News will alert farmers in the Wimmera of insect pest occurrences so that informed control decisions can be made and unnecessary chemical applications and costs are avoided” Dr Umina said.

A wrap up of recent news

July 27th 2011 - Paul highlights recent sightings of blue oat mites, redlegged earth mites and little pasture cockchafers in Wimmera crops and pastures.

August 17th 2011 - Pests to watch out for this month include weed web moth caterpillars, Etiella and snails. Also, in this edition Paul provides advice on snail monitoring and bating as well as Etiella management.


Further information:

  • see attached North Central News articles
  • report pest issues or subscribe to the PestFacts south-eastern newsletter
  • call cesar 03 9349 4723, we can help with insect identification, monitoring and pest management advice