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A free guide for identifying and managing mite pests

02 Jul 2012

Mites are one of the most important pest groups attacking grain crops in Australia. However, the most important mite species are relatively similar in appearance and can co-exist in the same area. This creates difficulty in identification, which leads to ineffective control strategies. To address this, cesar and GRDC developed a ‘Back Pocket guide’ containing information and high quality images for the most commonly observed crop mites. The Back Pocket guide - crop mites is a quick reference guide to help growers correctly identify mites and make the best control choices.

Mites that are considered major crop pests are: 

  • The redlegged earth mite
  • Blue oat mites
  • Bryobia mites
  • The Balaustium mite
  • In addition there are several sporadic species; notably the brown wheat mite and the two-spotted mite.


Free hard copies can be ordered directly from GRDC, phone: 1800 110 044,  email:


If you need further assistance with identifying mites and insect pests contact cesar's Sustainable Agriculture team.