sustainability through science & innovation

cesar is committed to a sustainable future. Working in partnership with our clients, we use world leading science, technology and research to provide practical and innovative solutions in agricultural pest control and wildlife conservation.

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genetic insights

Genetic analyses, advice and services for biodiversity conservation, invasive species management and native species harvesting

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sustainable agriculture

Management, research, education, and product development services for sustainable pest control in the agricultural sector

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resistance-breaking currant-lettuce aphid biotype discovered in Australia

A new biotype of the currant-lettuce aphid (Nasonovia ribisnigri), capable of colonising Nr:0-resistant lettuce varieties, has been discovered in Victoria.  

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carbon footprint report 2016/17

The results are in - cesar's 2016/17 carbon footprint report is now available.

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New company, EnviroDNA, spins out of cesar

EnviroDNA offers a cutting edge approach to species detection using DNA left in the environment (eDNA) by animals and plants. With a drop of water or a speck of dust the EnviroDNA team can trace native wildlife and pests to secure Australia’s biodiversity.

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spotted a platypus lately?

Despite common misconceptions, platypuses do live in urban waterways. A new community driven website is now capturing local sightings, photos and assisting in platypus conservation!

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