Beneficials chemical toxicity table

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Although insecticides and miticides are key crop protection tools, the chemicals used to kill pests can also have off target effects on beneficial species. It is important to minimise the impact on species that provide biological control, such as predators and parasitoids which can help to control pests in crops naturally. The use of chemicals which are less toxic to beneficials is an important element of IPM, but previously it has been difficult to know which chemicals are suitable.

This Australian grains chemical toxicity table has been developed to help growers and advisors to make informed choices about the insecticides and miticides they use in their crops. Data has been obtained from laboratory studies carried out by Cesar Australia as well as from previous research carried out in Australia and overseas. For more information, or to provide feedback, contact


This table was developed by Rosie Knapp (Cesar Australia), Robert McDougall (Cesar Australia), Kathy Overton (Cesar Australia), Ary Hoffman (University of Melbourne), Samantha Ward (Cesar Australia) and Paul Umina (Cesar Australia). This work represents a collaboration between Cesar Australia and University of Melbourne, with investment from the Grains Research and Development Corporation as part of the Australian Grains Pest Innovation Program (AGPIP).

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