Tara Jalali

Research Scientist

PhD Plant Ecology and Population Genetics

During her early studies, Tara spent significant time in the field, gaining firsthand experience studying agricultural crop production and weed science. Afterwards, she developed a keen interest for travel. This landed her in Australia where she studied plant ecology and population genetics at The University of Melbourne, focusing on impacts of plant-pollinator interactions on the population dynamics of hybridising invasive Cakile sp. (sea rocket). The opportunity to study abroad led to many exciting learnings about nature and a personal ability to adapt. At Cesar, Tara is working on agricultural projects such as the national surveillance of green peach aphid insecticide resistance and the Australian Grains Pest Innovation Program (AGPIP) that aims to develop innovative and integrated management of agricultural pests. Outside of work, you’ll find her in the courts playing tennis or at home creating new recipes.