Sabrina Scherm

Business Operations Coordinator

Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration), Master of Arts (Business and Organisational Psychology)

Sabrina has a life goal to make a measurable difference in the lives of others and the path she chose for her career speaks to that fact.

Sabrina is a people person who is passionate about growing teams and dreams. With a Master’s Degree in Business and Organisational Psychology, she moved quickly into HR and recruitment, working for companies in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, government and consultancy industries, such as Roche Pharmaceuticals and BMW in Australia, Germany, UK and the US. Recently, she has also organised and moderated businesswomen events supporting Australian female owned business founders in their growth journey.

At Cesar, Sabrina does more than wrangle commas, she is everyone’s go to. She is obsessed with staying organised and making everyone’s life easier. Sabrina finds innovative new ways of simplifying business processes, preserves positive relationships among all members and ensures cultural compatibility within the organisation.

When she is not creating a positive workplace culture, you can find her socialising with friends at music festivals, dancing (she has won a national dance championship in Germany) or traveling the world.