Rosie Knapp

Research Scientist

Intergrated Masters (BSc, MBiol) Ecology and Environmental Biology, PhD in Biology

Rosie focuses on understanding the effects of pesticides on beneficial invertebrates inhabiting agroecosystems and providing key biological pest control services. Her background includes working with one of the most well-known beneficial invertebrates, the honey bee, studying the interactivity between pheromonal signalling and pesticide exposure on these important pollinators during her PhD in Biology based in the UK.

Rosie is a big lover of the outdoors and when not at work can be found outside hiking, running, camping or swimming. This appreciation for the natural world is a key motivation for wanting to build more sustainable agricultural practices that help protect the environment.

Knapp R.A., Norman, V., Rouse, J. & Duncan, E.J. (2022). Environmentally Responsive Reproduction: Neuroendocrine Signalling and the Evolution of Eusociality. Current Opinion in Insect Science. 53. 100951. 10.1016/j.cois.2022.100951.