Marielle Babineau

Research Scientist

Bachelor's degree with Honours (Biological Sciences, Ecology and Environment), Master of Science (Biology/Plant Molecular Systematics), PhD Biology and Agroecology

Marielle is passionate about pesticide resistance and pursuing research to address this major agricultural issue. It was her fascination with evolutionary processes behind pesticide resistance that led Marielle to develop skills in herbicide resistance phenotyping and genotyping, anthelmintic resistance genetics, and diagnostics development.

Marielle completed her PhD in herbicide resistance and has worked in conservation, cropping and livestock industries in Canada, Denmark and Australia. Her diverse background has given her a strong vision in developing innovative silo-breaking research across industries and taxa, and in tackling problems with an agricultural systems perspective.

At Cesar, Marielle conducts research in insecticide resistance and insect pest ecology. She uses genetics, phenomics, ecology, and statistical models to better understand and manage agricultural pests to enable resilient agrosystems and encourage integrated pest management adoption.

Marielle is an avid sci-fi, history, archaeology and trekking enthusiast.

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