Lilia Jenkins

Graduate Extension Scientist

Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours

Growing up in Tasmania, Lilia was always surrounded by nature and developed a strong passion for sustainability and social equity. Studying a bachelor of agricultural science seemed like a natural fit, and she graduated with honours in 2022.

As part of her studies, she managed a biological control program which saw her releasing 10,000 beneficial parasitoids wasps and identifying upwards of 50,000 insects. She also developed a passion for systems thinking and how it can be used to drive on the ground change.

During her time at University, Lilia was involved in many science outreach programs and attended community, industry or school events as part of an entomology team. She’s now using her communication and networking skills as a graduate extension scientist at Cesar Australia, working on the AGPIP, BGA, and GPA projects.

When not at work, Lilia spends much of her time out in the garden, reading fantasy, or wandering local museums and art galleries.