Kathy Overton

Research Scientist (Entomology)

Bachelor of Science, Master of Science (BioSciences)

After completing a Bachelor of Science in marine biology at the University of Melbourne, Kathy dived into her Masters investigating pest management in Atlantic salmon aquaculture. Setting off for the Northern Hemisphere after graduation, Kathy worked for the Institute of Marine Research in Norway and the University of Melbourne conducting industry-scale analyses on the effects of chemical treatments on salmon mortality, biological control use in salmon aquaculture, and investigating alternative parasite treatment methods.

Driven by her passion for environmental sustainability, Kathy transitioned from surf to turf at Cesar where she can pursue her interests researching agricultural pests and exploring alternative pest management strategies to reduce our reliance on pesticides. Part of her role involves looking at beneficial insects and how they are affected by insecticides on farms.

In her downtime, Kathy enjoys cooking, walking along Merri Creek, and rummaging through op shops for hidden treasures.

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