Collin Ahrens

Senior Scientist (Genetics)

BA Environmental, Population, Organismic biology & PhD Plant Science

Collin has been interested in biology and evolution for as long as he can remember. This interest has led him down a long path of research that includes population genetics, the molecular mechanisms of adaptation, and how populations within a species have developed seemingly different ways to adapt to their local environment. He earned his PhD at the University of Connecticut studying the ecological risk associated with the release of genetically engineered grass species. Since then, he moved to Australia for his postdoctoral research, which includes time at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria researching the genetics of rare plant species; Western Sydney University developing theoretical and applied outcomes for the declining tree marri; and University of New South Wales detecting the genetic determinants of myrtle rust resistance in Melaleuca quinquinervia.

Outside of biological research, he’ll be doing one of five things: playing hockey (ice ­– the true type of hockey), listening to vinyl, searching for the best chai, throwing a ball for his doggo (grizzly bear), and hanging out with his family at the local playground.