Aston Arthur

Research Scientist

Bachelor of Biological Sciences with Honours, PhD Genetics

Aston conducts research on insecticide resistance and is also involved in the product development and testing space at Cesar Australia. She is passionate about pest management, and has a long history of developing effective and sustainable control options for a range of agricultural pests.

Growing up in a small farming community and her love for animals led Aston to study biological sciences. After taking a keen interest in invertebrate pests, she completed a PhD at the University of Melbourne, investigating the biology, ecology and genetics of Balaustium and Bryobia mites. Throughout her career, Aston has gained vast experience in molecular genetics, field and shadehouse trials, and lab experiments. Her work has been published in a number of scientific journals.

Aston enjoys the variety her job offers, whether it is in the field collecting invertebrates, running microcosm trials in the shadehouse, or in the lab undertaking bioassays. She also loves that her role fits into her busy family life. When not at work, Aston loves spending time with her young family.

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