Alex Slavenko

Research Scientist

Bachelor of Science (Biology), Master of Science (Zoology), PhD (Zoology)

Alex is an ecologist and zoologist, interested in macroecology, biogeography, natural history, and how big data approaches can be used to make meaningful insights about biodiversity and natural processes. He completed his PhD in Tel Aviv University in Israel, where he studied the macroecology and biogeography of reptiles, with a focus on the lizard fauna of New Guinea. One of his proudest achievements is discovering and naming several species of New Guinean skinks.

Working in our research team, Alex uses ecological modelling and data science tools on a variety of different projects across areas of food security, sustainable agriculture, and pest management. When he’s not at work, he is tricky to find, and is probably out hiking with his camera, scuba diving, bird watching or herping – any activity that allows him to experience nature in all its glory! Otherwise, you can find him at home with a good book, probably fantasy.

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