sustainability through science & innovation

our environment

At cesar we believe healthy ecosystems are fundamental to our future. A thriving and sustainable world can be achieved where the environment is properly balanced with the needs of business and the community.

Caring for the environment is at the heart of what we do. We lead by example and take responsibility for the impact we have.

Some of our environmental initiatives:

• Sustainability Team - an internal group of people who lead our environmental sustainability, devise strategies and implement actions

• Business bicycle provided for commuting between locations

• An office compost bin for all organic waste

• Encouragement of public transport commuting e.g. staff functions

• Various processes to encourage a very low paper usage culture

• Conscious office supply procurement – e.g. recycled stationery

• All electronics (where possible) and lights switched off out of hours

• A human powered and low waste coffee machine - Presso – “podless” & non electronic

• Optimising lab processes to reduce waste

• Participation in Royal Parade site "Green Team"

Environmental sustainability management

From the 2010/11 financial year cesar has investigated and reported its carbon footprint. In the 2014/2015 year our emissions were 43.7 tonnes (a 22% reduction on 2012/1013).

2016/17 Environmental Sustainability Report


2014/15 Environmental Sustainability Report


2012/13 Environmental Sustainability Report


2010/11 Environmental Sustainability Report