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cesar have recently launched pestIQ, an intelligent online tool designed with advisers and farmers in mind. With an in depth database of insect pests, insecticides, monitoring techniques and user-friendly functionality pestIQ is the "go to tool" for finding information critical to making the best insect pest management decisions.

pestIQ removes the time and effort required to search for pest information. It also aids in the correct identification of insects, and gives users the confidence in their management decisions.

pestIQ allows users to identify insects and provides information about their biology and lifecycle, the damage they cause and economic thresholds. It also provides biological, cultural and chemical control options for each species and details about monitoring techniques best suited to each insect group, time of year and crop type.

There is a spray rate table containing label recommendations on when and how each insecticide can be used, detail on the likely impact of each chemical on beneficial insects and a section on how to develop and implement an Integrated Pest Management program.

pestIQ can be accessed in the paddock or ute using iPads and smart phones, so decisions can be made easier, faster and with absolute confidence.

For more information visit or contact Philip Jobling (cesar), 0401 097 748,

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