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Beneficial insect activity

High numbers of beneficial insects have recently been sighted in some early flowering canola crops. Consultant, Tim Condon (Delta Agribusiness), reports finding very high numbers of adult hoverflies as well as some ladybird beetles and adult lacewings in crops around Harden, in the South West Slopes district of New South Wales. High numbers of several beneficial insects have also been sighted by agronomist, Nathan McIntosh (Parkes Farm Centre), from crops around Parkes, in the Central West Slopes and Plains district of New South Wales. 

Spring is the peak time of the season for many beneficial insects, which can play a key role in pest control when low to moderate numbers of pests are present. It is important to consider numbers of beneficial insects before deciding on a control strategy. Many broad-spectrum insecticides have negative effects on beneficial insects and this can lead to problems later in the year, such as pest-resurgence. Refer to PestFacts Issue No. 8 for further information on beneficial species likely to be encountered in spring.

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