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Observational reporting proforma

PestFacts relies on valuable field observations of pest occurrences. Your contributions make this service more informative and helpful for the management of invertebrate pests. An observational reporting proforma is available on-line to facilitate the reporting of invertebrate issues and occurrences in south-eastern Australia. It is hoped this will make the reporting process more efficient and simpler for PestFacts subscribers.

The use of this form will ensure the information collected is standardised, allowing us to track on-going changes in pest importance/abundance, as well as being able to address future issues on national and regional scales (e.g. changing distributions, widespread problems versus localised problems, impacts of climate change).

Click here to view the NIPI reporting proforma and/or to make a pest report. Please note that this new service does NOT replace the ‘traditional’ reporting methods of email or a phone call; these are still very welcome.

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