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Lucerne leafroller

Agronomist, Mick Duncan (Northern Agriculture P/L), has reported lucerne leafroller (Merophyas divulsana) around Tamworth, in northern New South Wales. Although a known pest of lucerne, the lucerne leafroller can cause damage to a wide range of host plants, including soybeans and clover. Mick reports that the numbers at present do not justify spraying.

Caterpillars are up to 15 mm in length, yellowish-green to green with darker coloured heads. The larvae bind leaves together at the growing tips of plant stems. Several leaves are bent over and joined with silk to form a shelter. Caterpillars often drop from plants on silken threads when disturbed. Adult moths are 8 mm long and are yellow-light brown in colour, often with dark irregular markings on the forewings.

Click here for images of the lucerne leafroller and refer to PestFacts Issue No. 2 for further information.

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