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Since cesar’s inception in 2007, we have worked with over 60 government and private organisations. Below is a snapshot of some of our Sustainable Agriculture clients.


AgriTech Crop Research

For several years cesar has conducted chemical trials for AgriTech Crop Research. Specifically, we’ve assisted AgriTech Crop Research understand the potential success of insecticide treatments against a number of broad-acre pests, as well as provide efficacy data from extensive field and laboratory trials.

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Bayer CropSciences

Through the delivery of specialist training workshops cesar has assisted Bayer Crop Sciences equip agribusinesses with the most up to date knowledge and skills when it comes to insect identification and management. The workshops (developed in conjunction with SARDI Entomology) cover identification of crop and pasture insects and mites, IPM, resistance issues and sampling/monitoring techniques.

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We’ve been working with CSIRO since 2006 to improve the extension and communication of invertebrate pest information into the grains industry. Funded through the National Invertebrate Pest Initiative (NIPI) cesar has implemented the PestFacts service, conducted numerous training workshops and industry presentations, and played an integral part in the development of several technical publications, including Ute guides, AgNotes and the I-SPY manual.

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Grains Research & Development Corporation

cesar has worked with the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) over many years. This has largely been through research projects aimed at better understanding the biology and control of invertebrate pests. We have also assisted GRDC develop several Back Pocket Guides, numerous FactSheets, as well as regularly presenting at GRDC Adviser and Grower Updates around the country. Most recently cesar has received funding to manage a project to provide surveillance and management of insecticide resistance in key grain pests.

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Horticulture Innovation Australia

Since 2012, cesar has led a project looking at the nature, distribution and importance of insecticide resistance in a serious horticultural pest – the green peach aphid. For the first time this intractable pest is being comprehensively studied on a national scale, with research findings demonstrating the rapid speed at which insecticide resistance can spread. cesar have developed new resistance testing methodologies and continue to work closely with industry to develop resistance management programs for the green peach aphid.

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Some of our other past clients include:

  • Major agrichemical and seed companies
  • Victorian Department of Primary Industries
  • The University of Western Australia
  • Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment
  • Hexima Limited
  • Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority
  • Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry