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Masters or PhD opportunity at the University of Melbourne

12 May 2017

Help control the vegetable leafminer, a major quarantine threat for our food production systems

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Redlegged earth mite insecticide resistance discovery

11 Apr 2017

Scientists have for the first time discovered insecticide resistance in redlegged earth mite (RLEM) in the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) southern cropping region.

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Not all insecticide resistance is created equal in green peach aphid

17 Mar 2017

While neonicotinoid resistance has been detected in green peach aphid in Australia, you won’t experience complete control failures…yet.

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cesar and SARDI entomologists keep industry up to date on Russian wheat aphid

15 Aug 2016

The story of Russian wheat aphid (RWA) in Australia is rapidly evolving with reports of the pest arising in new locations on a weekly basis. cesar is on the forefront of delivering RWA updates in south-eastern Australia. Recently, Drs.

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Know your aphid; learn to spot Russian wheat aphid with the latest Back Pocket Guide

12 Jul 2016

The recent incursion of Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia) has served as a timely reminder of the importance of correct aphid identification.

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Resistance Management Strategy for the green peach aphid in Bundaberg field vegetable crops

21 Jun 2016

The green peach aphid (GPA) is a serious crop damage threat to farmers in Australia. The aphids cause damage by feeding and transmitting viruses. As part of project VG12109 – Management of insecticide resistance in the green peach aphid (funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited and the Australian Government), cesar...


Benchmarking Insecticide Resistance in Australia

19 Apr 2016

The prevalence of insecticide resistance in Australia, particularly in pests affecting grain crops, is increasing at an alarming rate. This is the conclusion reached in a Status Report on Insecticide Resistance in Australia, which has just been released by the Grains Pest Advisory Committee (GPAC).


Insecticide resistance in Green Peach Aphids: Red or Green? You’re asking the wrong question

22 Mar 2016

Green peach aphid (GPA - Myzus persicae) is a widespread pest species attacking many broadacre and horticultural crops. Despite the name, GPA are not always green in colour, ranging from shades of light and dark green, yellow, pink, red and even black.


An insecticide baseline study of Australian broadacre aphids

15 Mar 2016

An extensive study on the baseline toxicity of five aphid pests in broadacre agriculture to four major pesticides has been published in Crop & Pasture Science. This work was led by cesar scientists, Dr Paul Umina and Annabel Clouston, in conjunction with Owain Edwards at CSIRO, and was funded through GRDC.

PestFacts south-eastern hits the mark

09 Feb 2016

In December 2015, cesar conducted a survey for subscribers of PestFacts south-eastern newsletter. The aims of the survey were firstly to gauge how the service is perceived and utilised by subscribers, and secondly to garner ideas on how to improve the service to best meet subscriber needs.


Popular canola seed treatments equal in efficacy against aphids

10 Dec 2015

A recent study conducted by cesar and Advanta Seeds has found three popular neonicotinoid insecticide-based canola seed treatments offer the same protection from green peach aphids (GPA), and that the coatings offer superior protection compared to no treatment.


Collaborative program gives an early warning for native budworm in crops

29 Sep 2015

Every spring, native budworm moths (Helicoverpa punctigera) arrive in pulse and canola crops within south-eastern Australia. These moths are thought to have migrated considerable distances, sometimes hundreds or thousands of kilometres and mostly from the north-west.

Drive to share pest knowledge yields a new relationship

11 Sep 2015

ADAMA Australia has announced a partnership with cesar in line with Adama’s strategy to deliver innovative digital solutions and create simplicity in agriculture.


Free redlegged earth mite resistance testing service

21 Aug 2015

cesar is now testing redlegged earth mites (RLEM) for insecticide resistance across southern Australia. Throughout 2015, this service will be free for Australian grain growers, thanks to funding from GRDC, and the collaboration and support of The University of Melbourne, the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA), CSIRO...


Revised resistance management strategy - Green Peach Aphid in Australian grains

05 Aug 2015

A revised resistance management strategy for the green peach aphid (GPA) has been released by the grains National Insecticide Resistance Management (NIRM) working group, which is chaired by cesar’s director, Dr Paul Umina. This document has been endorsed by Crop Life Australia and is downloadable at:


Women in Science

18 Jun 2015

Two of cesar’s sustainable agriculture consultants were delighted to attend the first ‘Women in Science’ conference for years 10-12 students of the City of Yarra, run by the Merri Creek Management Committee and hosted by Melbourne Girls College.


New service to screen for insecticide resistance in aphids

02 Jun 2015

A new testing service is being offered to growers and advisers to determine the presence of insecticide resistance in green peach aphid (GPA) populations - a pest of various horticultural and grain crops.

Update on green peach aphid insecticide resistance findings and management

19 Mar 2015

Both DNA testing and insecticide bioassays conducted by cesar on populations of green peach aphid (GPA) from all over Australia have revealed varying levels of resistance to the following three chemical groups: organophosphates (dimethoate, omethoate and chlorpyrifos), synthetic pyrethroids (bifenthrin and alpha-cypermethrin) and carbamates (pirimicarb).

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Reducing aphid and virus risk in 2015

10 Feb 2015

Early management decisions are key to reducing aphid and beet western yellows virus (BWYV) risk in 2015. Significant rainfall over much of the southern cropping zone in January 2015 has created a green bridge, which can host large populations of insects as well as viruses between growing seasons.


Insecticide resistance in GPA across southern Australia

07 Oct 2014

Widespread infestations of green peach aphids (GPA) (Myzus persicae) during autumn and winter have contributed to an outbreak of beet western yellow virus (BWYV) in southern Australia. Canola crops across the lower and mid north regions of South Australia, western Victoria and some parts of NSW have been severely affected...


Survey on green peach aphid resistance

02 Jun 2014

cesar is conducting a short survey of horticultural growers and consultants throughout Australia to better understand the issues surrounding green peach aphid (GPA) resistance. GPA is a widespread pest, attacking a broad range of crops. This species has a tendency to develop insecticide resistance, and this is becoming commonplace across...

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Register now for upcoming workshops on sustainable pest management in grain crops

06 Mar 2014

Sustainable management strategies targeting grain based pests aim to reduce risks of crop loss from pests while also reducing our reliance on insecticides. cesar is teaming up with interstate entomologists and ICAN to provide three workshops on sustainable pest management.


Career opportunity

29 Jan 2014

Our Sustainable Agriculture team currently has an exciting opporunity for a Senior Research Scientist who is genuinely passionate about working within agriculture and the environment.


Improving insect pest management - workshops for Australian farmers and advisors

30 Sep 2013

Insecticide use is not just an environmental issue it is now becoming a financial issue. Insect management in grain crops currently relies heavily on insecticides. The success of insecticide use is becoming increasingly challenged with the development of resistance in insects as well as the regulatory withdrawal of a number...

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cesar shows insecticide resistance in green peach aphids escalating

04 Jul 2013

Recent research led by cesar has found the extent of insecticide resistance in green peach aphids has escalated across Australia. This research has demonstrated widespread resistance to synthetic pyrethroids and organophosphates exists in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

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PestFacts resumes for 2013 with new map feature

13 May 2013

The PestFacts south-eastern service is underway for another winter growing season. This free service is an opportunity for farmers and farm advisers to keep up-to-date about emerging invertebrate pest issues. It is supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation.  

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GroundCover TV special report - insectide resistance in redlegged earth mites

05 Feb 2013

cesar's Dr Paul Umina was recently interviewed by GRDC's GroundCover TV about the emerging issue of insecticide resistance in the redlegged earth mite (RLEM).

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cesar Director awarded Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science Award

16 Nov 2012

cesar Director, Dr Paul Umina, has been named as one of two recipients of the Victorian Young Tall Poppy of the Year 2012. The prestigious annual Young Tall Poppy Science Awards recognise the achievements of Australia’s outstanding young scientific researchers and communicators.


Collaborating to address insecticide resistance in mites

11 Sep 2012

Earth mite control failures have the potential to cost the Australian grains industry >$500 million per annum. From a grower's perspetive resistance can mean the cost of wasted chemicals and crop losses. At present, insecticide resistance in the redlegged earth mite (RLEM - Halotydeus destructor) is particularly concerning.

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Latest issue of PestFacts south-eastern

05 Sep 2012

The latest issue of PestFacts south-eastern for 2012 is now available for viewing. PestFacts south-eastern is distributed by cesar as an electronic newsletter. This free service is designed to keep growers and advisers informed about invertebrate pest-related issues as they emerge during the winter growing season.

BCG expo 2012

Latest technology showcased at BCG Expo

16 Jul 2012

cesar was an exhibitor at the recent BCG Grains Expo at Birchip, Vic.  With many farmers and agricultural industry people present, the day provided an ideal opportunity to demonstrate what the pestIQ website and relating services are all about and how they can lead to better pest management decisions.


A free guide for identifying and managing mite pests

02 Jul 2012

Mites are one of the most important pest groups attacking grain crops in Australia. However, the most important mite species are relatively similar in appearance and can co-exist in the same area. This creates difficulty in identification, which leads to ineffective control strategies.

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PestIQ demonstration at BCG Cropping Expo July 2012

01 Jun 2012

The recently released online pestIQ is starting to find its way into the "tool kit" of farmers and agronomists who want to make the best possible insect pest management decisions. If you haven't already trialed it now is your opportunity to see it in action, ask questions, have a go, and see...

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PestFacts south-eastern is underway for 2012

25 May 2012

The popular PestFacts south-eastern service is underway for another winter growing season. This free service is an opportunity for farmers and farm advisers to not only keep informed about emerging invertbrate pest issues and solutions, but to also report and share important pest issues that they come across.


Cassie Scoble joins cesar

07 May 2012

We would like to welcome and introduce Cassie Scoble who has recently joined the Sustainable Agriculture team at cesar!

Paul umina talkin to Elder etc agros

Learn about IPM - Workshop 16th April - Registrations Open

30 Mar 2012

In partnership with BCG, cesar's Sustainable Agriculture team will be delivering an insect pest identification and management workshop. The workshop will be held in Nhil Victoria and will introduce farmers, agronomists and consultants to the principles of successful IPM implementation. Key topics to be covered include mites, aphids, slugs and snails –...

pestIQ Launch4

pestIQ is here!

29 Feb 2012

cesar is pleased to announce the launch of pestIQ, an intelligent online tool designed with farmers and advisors in mind. With an indepth database of insect pests, insecticides, monitoring techniques and user friendly functionality pestIQ is the "go to tool" for finding information critical to making the best insect pest management decisions.

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Career opportunity

02 Feb 2012

Our Sustainable Agriculture team currently has an exciting opporunity for a Research and Trials Scientist who is genuinely passionate about working within agriculture and the environment.

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cesar Director receives Vice-Chancellor’s Engagement Award

14 Oct 2011

The Vice-Chancellor’s Engagement Awards recognise the work the staff and students at The University of Melbourne carry out with the wider community. Dr Paul Umina was one of only four staff members to receive the prestigious Staff Excellence Award for his work assisting the agricultural industry in south-eastern Australia.

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FREE Wallup Ag Group Canola Expo 1st September 2011

25 Aug 2011

Find out the latest developments in the canola industry at the Wallup Ag Group Canola Expo. Hear from a number of industry experts on a range of topics including canola agronomy, canola varieties, pest and disease management, harvesting and grain marketing.

Nematodes to take the pace off snails

24 Aug 2011

Researchers from Charles Sturt University hope to have a commercial “spray on nematode” mix available within the next two years to control snails in Australian crops. Four years of work have gone into this project so far, which will use native nematodes to kill four introduced snail species.

News storyNorth Central newsedited

cesar works with North Central News to broadcast the latest pest news

18 Aug 2011

Dr Paul Umina, director of cesar, has been enlisted by the North Central Newspaper to keep local growers informed of insect pest issues and solutions as they emerge in the Wimmera region of Victoria.

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Canola pest workshop at Birchip

05 Aug 2011

Sam Strano and Stuart McColl from the Sustainable Agriculture team at cesar will be facilitating a pest management workshop at the upcoming BCG Canola Diagnostic Schools forum. It’s an opportunity for grain growers and advisors to refresh their skills in insect identification, get a close up look with a range...

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Insecticide resistance challenges

31 Jul 2011

Dr Paul Umina, Director at cesar, recently contributed to the 2011 edition of the Research on the Riverine Plains. His article discusses the significant challenges that growers are likely to face in the future due to insecticide resistance in redlegged earth mites and other crop pests. 

Insecticide resistance in green peach aphids across southern Australia

Widespread infestations of green peach aphids (GPA) (Myzus persicae) during autumn and winter have contributed to an outbreak of beet western yellow virus (BWYV) in southern Australia. Canola crops across the lower and mid north regions of South Australia, western Victoria and some parts of NSW have been severely affected...