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GroundCover TV special report - insectide resistance in redlegged earth mites

05 Feb 2013 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

cesar's Dr Paul Umina was recently interviewed by GRDC's GroundCover TV about the emerging issue of insecticide resistance in the redlegged earth mite (RLEM).

Encouraging results for Melbourne's platypuses

22 Jan 2013 | Filed under wildlife ecology

The Melbourne Water Urban Platypus Program aims to understand the status of platypus populations throughout the greater Melbourne region and identify any threatening processes. cesar conducts bi-annual surveys at a number of permanent locations to monitor platypus population.

Platypuses popping up in unexpected places

04 Dec 2012 | Filed under wildlife ecology

After two years of good rain, the elusive platypus has popped up in a number of unexpected waterways around Melbourne. Channel 7 news reported more on this in November 2012 with an interview with cesar's senior ecologist, Josh Griffiths. 

New genetic strategy to improve the success of reintroducing critically endangered wallaby into the wild

03 Dec 2012 | Filed under genetic insights

cesar’s Dr Andrew Weeks has had the pleasure of assisting to release a number of brush-tailed rock wallabies back into the wild. Fifteen individuals of this critically endangered species were released over two occasions in November 2012 at Moora Moora Creek in the Grampians National Park as part of the...

A new mammal extinction crisis - what can be done?

30 Nov 2012 | Filed under wildlife ecology, genetic insights, company announcements

On the 17th November 2012 The Age newspaper reprinted an extract from an essay by Professor Tim Flannery - After the Future: Australia's New Extinction Crisis.