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Career opportunity

29 Jan 2014 | Filed under sustainable agriculture, company announcements

Our Sustainable Agriculture team currently has an exciting opporunity for a Senior Research Scientist who is genuinely passionate about working within agriculture and the environment.

Genetic fragmentation of mountain pygmy possum populations caused by the Victorian Great Alpine Road

10 Jan 2014 | Filed under genetic insights

The endangered mountain pygmy possum is restricted to three sub-alpine regions of Australia and is known as Australia’s only species that hibernates under a cover of snow. Intuitively, some might therefore think that the most likely key threatening process for the endangered mountain pygmy possum is climate change; however, research...

Improving insect pest management - workshops for Australian farmers and advisors

30 Sep 2013 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

Insecticide use is not just an environmental issue it is now becoming a financial issue. Insect management in grain crops currently relies heavily on insecticides. The success of insecticide use is becoming increasingly challenged with the development of resistance in insects as well as the regulatory withdrawal of a number...

A good start to spring platypus surveys marred by litter entanglement

18 Sep 2013 | Filed under wildlife ecology

Spring platypus monitoring surveys undertaken as part of the Melbourne Water Urban Platypus Program began two weeks ago. This marks the start of the sixth year that cesar and Melbourne Water have collaborated on platypus conservation.

Platypus numbers highest in years for greater Melbourne region

02 Aug 2013 | Filed under wildlife ecology

The autumn 2013 platypus surveys marked the end of the fifth consecutive year of platypus monitoring conducted by cesar. Since 2007, cesar have collaborated with Melbourne Water to undertake the Melbourne Water Urban Platypus Program, which monitors platypus populations in the greater Melbourne region.