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Searching for the Bogong moth

28 Aug 2020 | Filed under genetic insights

If you spend time in the Australian Alps you soon discover they house some pretty unique species of flora and fauna.

Brown marmorated stink bug: developing novel diagnostics and improving industry awareness

14 Aug 2020 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

It’s a pest that can aggregate in the hundreds, or even thousands. It has a ravenous appetite for fruits and vegetables, and it just loves to share your house in the colder months.

Understanding pesticide impacts on natural enemies

31 Jul 2020 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

We all love a ladybird beetle. They are bright, fun and cosmopolitan. They also have ravenous appetites, with soft bodied insects being a particular preference. If you’re an unsuspecting aphid, beware.

Assessment of grains industry fall armyworm RD&E needs are underway

30 Jun 2020 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

A collaborative Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) investment initiative is underway to compile what is known about fall armyworm and assess the information gaps that need to be filled in order to support the Australian industry.

Flowering plants attract beneficial insects to vegetable farms

09 Jun 2020 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

Walking down the row of cabbages the air is full of movement and quiet buzzing.