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Collaborating to address insecticide resistance in mites

11 Sep 2012 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

Earth mite control failures have the potential to cost the Australian grains industry >$500 million per annum. From a grower's perspetive resistance can mean the cost of wasted chemicals and crop losses. At present, insecticide resistance in the redlegged earth mite (RLEM - Halotydeus destructor) is particularly concerning.

Wildlife Ecology team return from field work on Christmas Island

11 Sep 2012 | Filed under wildlife ecology

cesar’s Wildlife Ecology team has recently returned from an 8 day field trip trekking through the rainforest on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. The team sampled invertebrates with pitfall and sticky traps and took environmental samples as part of a new project for the Director of National Parks Australia.Christmas...

A wet night, a platypus and a BBC film crew

10 Sep 2012 | Filed under wildlife ecology

BBC Science contacted cesar earlier this year to see if the wildlife ecology team could assist in the production of a new geological history series. The BBC producers wanted intimate footage of a platypus as an example of Australia’s unique fauna, due to its long term geographical isolation during the...

Footage of Mt Rothwell's endangered native grassland ecosystem

10 Sep 2012 | Filed under genetic insights

As part of of the documentary series 'Secrets of our Living Planet', BBC presenter Chris Packham gets up close to an endangered native grassland ecosystem that is protected at Mt Rothwell, Victoria. The footage features:

Latest issue of PestFacts south-eastern

05 Sep 2012 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

The latest issue of PestFacts south-eastern for 2012 is now available for viewing. PestFacts south-eastern is distributed by cesar as an electronic newsletter. This free service is designed to keep growers and advisers informed about invertebrate pest-related issues as they emerge during the winter growing season.